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Garrett is a little cowboy at heart. He has had a cowboy hat since he was a baby. And loves his boots! When I found Ruckus on the Ranch I had to get it for him. Garrett is in 1st grade and this year we are spending alot of time on reading and getting words together to form sentences. So far it is going well. The problem is that some of the books I find are easier words mixed in with things that are just too difficult for him. Even the Reader books are like that. I understand he needs to learn how to form those words and he will as he reads more but at this point I don't want him to get frustrated and give up. I think the younger ages are when children develop a sense of enjoyment from reading, as more of a chore or as part of something they just need to do for school. I want him to take the time to enjoy reading. 

The book is hardcover (and 11 x 8.5) so it will stand up to little hands. It is really well written. The pictures are very clear and easy to understand. Garrett was able to read every word in this book! Ruckus on the Ranch is recommended for ages 3-7, Garrett is 6 so it is perfect for him to add to his collection. The book is 36 colorful and action packed pages.
The adventure starts when Wyatt (the stallion) and Ruby (the mare) go running around the ranch. The cowboy and cowgirl chase them "Whoa Wyatt!" "Whoa Ruby!" As they continue running, other animals join in the fun. "Cluck Cluck Cluck!" "Woof Woof!" 
Then it all settles down. Everyone is tired from running....until 
"You're causin' a ruckus on the ranch!"

About the book: The world-famous Texas Tenors offer a tuneful, western-style romp on a ranchfull of frisky critters. This charming story, illustrated vibrantly and playfully by Brian Fitzgerald, is the debut picture book by the wildly popular trio, who were the highest-ranking vocal group in the history of America's Got Talent in 2009.When the stallion, Wyatt, runs after the mare, Ruby, he starts a chain reaction as a cowboy, cowgal, and assorted ranch animals join the chase-around. What's all the hubbub about? Wyatt just wants to play a game with Ruby! He doesn't mean to cause such a ruckus!The famed Texas Tenors-whose performance home base is Branson, Missouri, and who have performed in more than five hundred concerts worldwide over the last four years-will be recording a song version of the story and promoting it in their concerts, on their website, and in book signings. 

The song will be available as a free download.Whoa, Ruby! Whoa, Wyatt! Y'all get back in place!You're causin' a ruckus on the ranch!You're causin' a ruckus on the ranch!With the cowboy a-shoutin'And the cowgirl a-yellin'You're causin' a ruckus on the ranch!The longhorn's snortin',The dog went a-barkin',The hogs are gruntin',The chickens were a-c l uckin',Getting in their way-
Hey! Hey!
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Disclosure: We received a copy of Ruckus on the Ranch from Edelweiss. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own. This post contains affiliate links which means if you click on a link and make a purchase I may receive a compensation. 

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