Metabolism Cooster | post workout muscle recovery {review}

INCREASES ENERGY LEVELS: Experience greater energy with a scientifically validated, highly specialized natural aid for human performance clinically shown to boost energy for enhanced performance

ANTIOXIDANT INGREDIENT: Powergrape® contains powerful antioxidants (polyphenols) and constant and guaranteed flavanol and flavanol monomer. Scientific studies have revealed its exceptional antioxidant capacity linked to increase in cellular oxygenation of the muscles

EXPERIENCE GREATER RECOVERY: Help the body recover after strenuous activity. As a non-stimulant performance aid, our Naturally Boost Your Energy works naturally to help the muscles work more efficiently. The key is oxygen. The activity of Powergrape® on the recovery of subjects studied was evaluated using a scientifically validated test of physical effort: the OPTOJUMP® test

CLINICAL STUDIES For the first time in relation to a 100% natural plant extract, a link has been scientifically established in humans between better cellular oxygenation, better muscle protection, a high antioxidant capacity and an improvement in performance. Powergrape® is tested for the presence of a range of banned substances that are prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency

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