Day One: Introduce Yourself to the World {blogging 101}

Today’s assignment: write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post.
I am the thoughts, or sometimes lack of, behind Aimless Moments. I did an intro post about myself and my family back when I started, or restarted more so this blog. 
Since then not much about me has changed.
I was a stay at home mom, I still am. 
I was a homeschooling mom, still am. 
We have dogs and cats, only now and a few more. My daughters cat had 6 kittens on Christmas Day that we are looking for good homes for. 
We did move from Tampa to St Pete back during Christmas 2013. 
I still love to take pictures, I still love to drive and travel, I still love a good rainy day. 

Onto new adventures for this youngest, Emmaleigh, will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. I am still debating on Connections Academy (virtual homeschool) or a public school. The schools we are zoned for are not so good so I am trying to find something decent for her, otherwise its homeschool. My oldest boys, Glenn (14) and Ben (13) will be going back into public school in the fall. Glenn got accepted into a pre-engineering school for 9th grade. He was the reason we started homeschool and has been here since 4th grade so this will be a change for us. Ben has been in public school up until this past year so he is ready to go back. Tierney and Garrett are planning on staying with Connections for now. 

Why do I blog? Honestly I started as a way to connect with other bloggers and parents both online and off. I started Aimless Moments as a parenting blog but I have done alot of reviews and link ups with it so I never really focused it just on parenting. There are also some DIY and crafty posts throughout. I recently started Mom Like A Pro and plan to post just parenting and kid-ish topics. I want to steer that one away from the everything reviews and non parenting/non kid related stuff.  I also am a contributor over on Tampa Bay Moms Blog so I am able to connect with local families.

I think that sums up most of the who and why for me. I am sure there is a ton more but I have never been good at intros and about me's.

And now a little about you..........

{St Pete Beach} 

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