Pinellas County School Choice {education}

I already applied for School Choice earlier this month but Glenn did not get picked for the school we were hoping so I was told to reapply when applications opened up again, or the late applications open up. 
So any parents and families that are new to Pinellas County or wanting to get their children into a different school outside of their zoned schools can do so on March 16th. You can also apply for Magnet schools, Fundamentals, and FLVS, which is an online homeschool. 

Save the date: Late Application Period begins March 16 
Parents of students entering grades K-12 will have another opportunity to apply to a choice program based on their child's interests, talents and abilities. The Late Application Period for the district's choice programs will begin Monday, March 16. Check with individual program schools for seat availability. Visit for more details.

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