On The Waitlist for High School

Here in Pinellas County, if you want to get into a good high school you have to first find one and then apply during the application period.....and then wait....and hope you get picked! I missed the first application period, because I just was not paying attention to when it was as much as I should have...if anyone knows me they know I am usually on track with all of this school stuff. So being in the second lottery means alot of the seats have already been taken, alot of us late will be put on the waitlist. It also means that there is a good chance Glenn will be offered a seat for at least one of the other schools we applied for. That in turn means that if he is offered a seat we can accept it and the rest of the ones we are waiting for will auto us out. It means if we deny a seat in a school that sends an offer then we are still on the waitlist for the others but we can not use that school that gave the offer as a fallback. Honestly, for a parent this is very stressful. I want him to get into the best school but I don't want to pass up an opportunity for him to get into anything other than what we are zoned for, the schools are sadly horrible. 

So if you are on the fun adventure of trying to find and apply for a good school the best place to start is on the School Board website. There you will find the link for the Student Registration and Assignments page. The site will also give you the dates for each of the initial application and the late application. I strongly suggest, if you have the opportunity and time,  start the process of checking out and researching schools well before the prior school year ends. Most schools you are interested in will have a pre-registration orientation opportunity. Going to a school to tour while school is still in will give you an opportunity to see the kids in action, the teachers, staff, grounds, etc. 
If you get on the waitlist then you really need to weigh your pros and cons for each school and for accepting a spot or continuing on the list. 
Its important to find a school you like, your child likes, and can offer everything your child will need to excel. 
I have done alot of school researching so if you are in the area and have any questions please feel free to contact me here or through one of my social media channels. 

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