Test Taking Tips {education}

FCAT testing started here in March, the writing part of it and the other subjects are to be taken this month. There are honestly just a few simple tips that can be used to make sure you and your kids make it though the test season with a breakdown. 

1. Get a good nights sleep. Don't stress too much or put to much pressure on your kids. The teachers and school employees usually make sure the kids are fully aware of the tests and what the outcomes can be for passing and failing. As a parent you don't want to put any unnecessary pressure on your kids. 

2. Be positive. Don't go into the test day thinking your kids are going to fail. Don't let them think that, even if they don't feel good about what they know. Just let them take it. There is nothing that can honestly be done the night before, or the day of, that can make them more on track with the testing information. It may be a really difficult test but tell them just to do their best and that's all that anyone can or should ask from them. 

3. Be on time. Don't wait till the last minute to get up and out the door. Make sure there is enough time for breakfast and for your children to fully wake up without rushing. Arrive at the school on time, or a few minutes early, just to make sure it is all together. 

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