Dear Jared {jared padalecki}

I saw Jared Padalecki trending on Facebook a few hours ago and clicked on it to find it was in regards to a message posted on Twitter. The post is below. There was some talk of his absence being just exhaustion and others to it being depression. Either way it was asked to show some support or rather to "give a few seconds of your time,"
When someone, anyone, asks for any amount of time then I think it should be given, one way or another.....through a tweet or letter, a call or a text. I saw there were and still are tons of fans responding on Jared's Twitter and Facebook. #AlwaysKeepFighting
I wanted to post on Facebook and Twitter in response but figured he would not see it, but I wanted someone to hopefully read this and maybe in some way benefit from it.

Dear Jared,
     You asked for a few seconds and I think you should be allowed that, if not more. I will admit I am not a die-hard Supernatural fan and I just binged my way through Gilmore Girls on Netflix these past few weeks. I am aware of who you are and the roles you have played. If you are anything like the characters you play then you are an awesome person!
     From your social media profiles you obviously have children, and adorable children at that. I am a parent too, of 5. There are times when I feel pushed against a wall or feel like the sky is falling. There have been times when I have just wanted to pack it up and give in. Not because of the kids or any one specific person or situation, but life just gets overwhelming. And that goes for everyone! In your messages via Twitter and Facebook it did seem like you were needing a reason to keep fighting. Your messages seemed vulnerable. I think that in itself is amazing! So many talk about issues others have but not of their own. I think you are very brave for saying whatever it is that you felt you needed to say. I am kind of hoping you were asking for help because so many people go without. They are scared, afraid, too proud, to ask for help, to say they need something, even words. They hold it in and take matters into their own hands, the outcomes are not always good. You are not alone in how you feel and I think your Supernatural fans have done a good job so far of showing you that. You are also not alone in your want or need for time, words, or a little encouragement at all. You asked for a few seconds of time and I hope you respond to that time with the same honesty and openness.
     As I said before, I am not a die-hard fan of either show but in closing I want you to know that I am a fan of you as a person. Being honest and open is a great quality! I have much respect for you!


----Best wishes---



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