Family Roadtrip {St Pete to Fairburn}

I have always loved a good roadtrip, anywhere is fine with me. I love driving! We recently drove up to Georgia to the Georgia Renaissance Festival and to stop at Monster Mini Golf. You can get the full review of the Ren Fest here and Monster Mini Golf here. This particular post is the roadtrip to and from. 

We started out in St Petersburg, FL and drove up to Fairburn, Georgia for the Renaissance Festival. I used the Roadtrippers website, and app, to find places to stop along the way. Since it was May and kind of hot we stopped at Troy Springs before leaving Florida. It was the perfect spot. Not too busy at all. The water was clear and warm. Ben swam out and found a turtle that he brought back for everyone to see, then he swam way out to let him go. There are other springs in that area but we weren't wanting to stay too long, we still had a fairly long drive to go. 

After the springs we stopped for a quick lunch and back on the road. Since this was our first real roadtrip with the kids I wanted to make sure the kids saw some things we wouldnt normally. Like the amazing waterfall at Amicacola Falls State Park. It was much cooler than Florida and much cooler than I expected so everyone was chilly. About a third of the way up I took the babies back down the mountain. Emmaleigh was wearing flip flops, which are not made for walking up and down mountains. And it was just a little much for them, we drove up to the top and met my husband, Ben, and Tierney. 


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