Hello June

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June is here....ALREADY! School is officially out here on the 10th so we are trying to finish up all that last minute stuff. I think between the 4 kids they have about 10 lessons left. We have a few reviews to get done this month, including the Lowry Park Zoo and GameTime. 
Honestly, we normally don't do much over the summer. It is usually really hot, sticky hot, and just about everywhere is crowded and it has always been easier for us to do things during the other months. The only change this summer is that in the fall the 2 oldest boys are going back to public school so that takes away some of our adventure time. 
We are planning a Disney Trip closer to the fall months, once Elf on the Shelf delivers our tickets from Santa. We are also planning a trip to Tennessee in the fall so trying to figure all that out. 
But back to June, to now......I think we are just going to mainly enjoy the lack of scheduling and just do whatever comes each day. Maybe Definitely a few beach trips.....possibly visit some of the aquariums around the area. Just enjoy the month! 
Anyone have any plans for this month? Goals for June? 


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