As The Sun Sets {#findaustinandperry}

There are still hours until sunset, and even when there are only a few minutes left until the sun does set, remember that it was a member of the group, not the Coast Guard that reported the boat. You are still needed to continue on with the search. Just because the Coast Guard has completed their search does not mean we are done. Do not lose momentum now. You are still needed to search by inshore, offshore, and in the air. Contact marinas and charters. For all the thousands of people in the Facebook Group that are aware, there are just as many that aren't. Leave flyers around. There are still things missing out there....the fishing rods, the life jacket(s), the YETI cooler.....keep looking. 
If you are not local to the area there are still ways to help. Share the group, share what you know, RT on Twitter, and #hashtag posts on Instagram. 
I have been an active follower of this story since Friday and everyone knew the Coast Guard would not continue to search without a time frame to suspend the search, that doesn't mean the search is over. 

If you want to help you can donate to the Austin and Perry Rescue Fund.
Follow along and keep up on Facebook.
RT on Twitter.


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