The Curse of Crow Hollow {book review}

Stories are told of a witch who lives in the woods outside of town. But where does truth end and legend begin?
A group of teenagers find strange prints seared into the ground around their campsite. They follow the tracks, thinking it will lead to fun.
But it doesn't. They eventually arrive at the edge of Alvaretta Graves's property-house of the legendary Riverwood Witch. When an argument that arises turns violent, Alvaretta places a curse on them. The sickness comes the next day, gripping residents one by one. Fear overtakes the town, and panic soon follows.
The posse that makes its way back to the witch's home is armed with guns and Bibles and is searching for an end to the sickness and violence. But they are in no way prepared for what they discover there.

I have never read any books by Billy Coffey so starting this I was unfamiliar with his work but the book sounded interesting and I am always looking for new authors and new books. 
The Curse of Crow Hollow is a good thriller, very intriguing and full of suspense, page after page. 
The Curse of Crow Hollow takes place in an old fashioned Southern town were evil things happen. Everyone in Crow Hollow know of Alvaretta Graves. the old widow that lives in the mountains.  People call her a witch. People call her insane. The people of the town believe that the vengeance Alvaretta spoke of at her husbands death follows them all. That same vengeance is more comes to life again when teenagers find their way to Alvaretta's cabin. They are now dealing with a curse as a sickness makes it way through the town. Rumors start that Stu Graves has risen from his grave for revenge and the people of Crow Hollow have to deal with that evil and darkness. 
The Curse of Crow Hollow ended up to be an amazing read. It was 400 pages but it was a book I did not want to put down. Page after page of mystery and intrigue. Southern folklore and spirituality with a twist of darkness. I can't wait to find more books from Billy Coffey and would recommend this to anyone that likes mystery and thrillers. 

I did receive this book in exchange for my review. All opinions and thoughts are my own. 


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