Riding the Gatlinburg Trolley

After about 4 days of walking to and from the Downtown Gatlinburg area, Em got tired of so much walking so we decided to jump on the Gatlinburg Trolley. We waited by The Village area of Gatllinburg and rode the Trolley through the Downtown area to Ripley's Aquarium. From there we walked back to the Brookside Resort
We loved the Trolley! It was very open, seats were big and spacious. Windows were big and open so you could easily see the outside from anywhere. 
The driver we had was really friendly. We overpaid for our ride because we did not have change so she called over to the other cars and told them if we were to ride on any of them we had already paid. We ended up just walking the rest of the way but she was very nice about it. 
The bench for the Trolley

Little miss waiting for the Trolley

Downtown Gatlinburg from The Village area of Downtown. 

Trolley bench 

On the Gatlinburg Trolley 

Santa was walking around Downtown Gatlinburg. 

On the Gatlinburg Trolley 

The Gatlinburg Trolley 


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