Animal Kingdom Here We Come!

Back in late November, Santa's helpers and Elf on the Shelf left us Disney Passes so we could go see the Osborne Family Lights, since it was the last year. We made it back out to Orlando for Magic Kingdom and Epcot a few times but didn't make it over to Animal Kingdom, until now.
Garrett got to choose the park we were heading to today and this is what he choose.The employees at AK are so much fun. As soon as we got in there was an area with hula hoops and the cast members were trying to get the kids playing. Garrett did not want any part of it but Em could have stayed there all afternoon. The Tree Of Life was amazing! I had taken the older boys when they were younger but haven't been back since, so this was Tierney, Garretts, and Ems first trip. We walked through all the animals and the tree. We stopped in to be a bug at It's Tough Being a Bug. We wandered through Dino Land and rode a few of the kiddie rides. And Garrett and Em rode their first big roller coaster, Expedition Everest! After we were in line I kind of started second guessing them going. She barely made the height requirements. We ended up going on and Garrett had his eyes closed probably about 75% of the time, Em got out laughing and wanting to go again.

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