Teen Cell Phone Contract

Back in October I got all the (older) kids cell phones. At the time I did not even think about having to use a Cell Phone Contract. I guess I just thought all the kids knew the do's and dont's of their new phones. But I was wrong! 1 of the boys likes to push limits and then when he gets punished likes to say that we are always on him about stuff. So I typed up a contract for all the kids to sign, that way it was fair. 

Cell Phone Contract

1.        We bought the phone, we pay for the service. It is a gift for you to use. However, it is optional.
2.       Your parents will know the password. Only your parents….and you. If you change your password, you must inform your parents.
3.       Since your parents will know your password (see above), they will have access to it. They will be allowed to check messages, contacts, history, photos, emails, and anything else you have on it.
4.       If it rings you answer. Do not ignore a call from any of your parents. If you do miss a call or are not able to talk to whoever it is then send a text back.
5.       If you have your phone at school, the ringer is off. Not on vibrate…..off and silent. If you get it taken away from you at school, you lose the option to take it with you (for a determined amount of time).
6.      The phone is your responsibility. If it gets wet, falls and smashes, disappears, or you are unable to use it and you need to replace it, you will be responsible to pay for it, or a portion of it, depending on what the replacement phone is. Do not be neglectful with it.
7.       Do not text, email, or say anything into or through this phone that you would not say in person. This includes bullying, spreading rumors, posting things to social media, etc. Do not involve yourself in anything that can come back on you and potentially cause long term affects.
8.      Do not use this phone to fool or lie to anyone. There are so many ways to find out the truth so save yourself the time and trouble.
9.      Do not constantly look at your phone. If you are out in public remember there are people around you. This includes restaurants, movies, library, church, or while talking with other people, especially people you are not too familiar with.
10.    Do not send inappropriate texts, emails, or pictures from/on this phone. Sending inappropriate texts, emails, and/or pictures can cause a lot of issues...too many to list! These actions could ruin your teen/college/and adult life.
11.     Your phone will be put away on school nights at _____ pm and you may have it back by ____ am. On weekends your phone will be put away at ____ pm and you may have it back when you wake up.
Parent Exceptions:
1.        Your parents will respect your privacy. While they do have access to your password they will let you know they are going to check your phone.
2.       Along with the above (#1), they will only check your phone once a month, unless your behavior is questionable.
If for any reason you (the child), do not agree to any of the terms on this contract you can elect to give your parents back your phone and purchase your own, now or in the future. You will then be responsible for the service of your phone also.
If for any reason you (the child), do not follow the above terms, you will lose your phone privileges until you can prove you are capable of using it within the terms again.

Please feel free to copy/paste as is or use it as a guide for you and your family. 

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