And That's How It Should Be

April 11, 2016

Living in Florida we spend alot of time outside, alot of time at the beach. Bathing suits are a must here. Shopping for bathing suits is also something we do often. The girls love to go wander through the stores and check out all the newest bright colors, polka dots, and designs. 
For now the kids are able to wear whatever catches their attention. There is no shame, no self esteem issues. They don't ask if their butts look too big. No reservations if their little bellies hang out a little when they sit. They run and play and swim without a worry in the world. 

And that is how it should be.

There will come a day, probably sooner than I would like, where they will be judged for what they are wearing. They will be judged for the color they choose, if their bathing suits are too revealing, if their shorts are appropriate, why their jeans have holes in them, why they choose the green shirt and the list is endless really. There will always be someone judging them for something. And that is just the sad reality. So for now they can wear whichever one they like, within reason of course, and they can enjoy the beach for the fun it is. 

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