Dolphin Research Center Florida! An experience you don't want to miss!

We have been wanting to have a reason to roadtrip down to the Florida Keys for about 2/3 years now. We now have a great reason to go! We are going to tap into our love for animals by going to see dolphins and sea lions up close at Dolphin Research Center in Marathon! A world-renowned nonprofit marine mammal education and research facility, 
Dolphin Research Center welcomes families daily to learn about their animal family. Educational narrated behavior sessions take place about every half an hour and inspire kids of all ages to care more deeply for marine mammals and the environment. This is very important no matter where you live but living in Florida, and being near the water, makes learning about the animals in the water a great lesson.
Dolphin Research Center does offer swimming with the dolphins and other hands-on programs. We can't wait to create great family vacation memories and learn all about these amazing animals! 

Dolphin Research Center features experiential education at its best. Flukes and flippers bring science and other subjects alive! In addition to individual families and homeschoolers, DRC welcomes field trips and overnight experiences for groups who are sure to have a fintastic time learning from their marine mammal enthusiasts and flippered family members. Those who can't visit in person are welcome to indulge their curiosity in a distance learning program that brings the dolphins into their classroom or home. Whether presented in person or via the internet, all curriculum is written to compliment your lesson plan and/or meet national and state standards. No matter how you incorporate dolphins into your lesson plan, you're bound to inspire conservation and conversation.

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