Second One Going To High School

This school year has gone by insanely quick! Not too long ago I was sitting in the auditorium with Glenn getting him ready for his first day of 9th grade and here I am, just getting done in the same auditorium, listening to just about the same orientation, getting the second one ready for high school in the fall. CRAZY! 

Ben will be going to the same high school Glenn is going to. Luckily the school allows siblings in so I did not have to stress like I did last year about him getting in. When we got to the school for orientation we were given his course list. There are some classes we are going to switch out. While at orientation there were a few of the different athletics and after school clubs with presentations. We stopped over at the AVID area to ask a few questions about what they were going to be doing all year. AVID is an organizational type course. It offers peer tutoring, teaches kids how to schedule their time well and keep it on track, there are debates and different opportunities to advance in writing and public speaking. AVID also helps with college application and trying to find the best school and programs for each of the kids. It is a great course to keep him on track. 
A few students and instructors from ROTC was there, Ben wants to enroll with them so we added that to his course change. There were a few kids from the football team, drama club, and the golf club. The cross country and diving both caught Ben's attention the most so after talking with both he is going to give Cross Country a try. 
We turned in this course change request and hopefully will hear back soon so we can plan accordingly. I really hope he gets all the classes he wants because I want him to do his best and enjoy these next 4 years. 

His course list currently:                                      Classes requested:
Algebra 1                                          
Earth Science                                                                   AP Human Geography
Team Sports                                                                     Weight Training 
Materials & Processes (shop class)                              
English 1 Honors 
Leadership                                                                        JROTC
Spanish 1                                                                           AVID

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