Drug and Alcohol Course // Learning to Drive Series //

Today I am finally getting Glenn registered to take the Drug & Alcohol Course so he can get his learners permit. It is the end of the school year so I, and him, have been busy with trying to get everything done and end of the year stuff so a few other things have been put on hole, like this course. 

National Highway Safety Administration

So here we are, registering now. After going over all the options for the course both off and online, we have decided to go with the National Highway Safety Administration, online. They currently offer 3 options. 

  1. Drug and Alcohol Course $$14.95
  2. Florida Permit Test and Practice Test $19.95
  3. Combo: Drug and Alcohol Course, Permit Test, and Practice Test $29.95
We are doing the combo just to get it all taken care of, then he just needs to go into the DMV and do the hearing and vision test. Once that is done and they can verify he did the course and tests online, he will be able to get his Permit.
If you decide to take the course/test with the National Highway Safety Admin, you just have to register and pay. The process less than 5 minutes. You will get an instant confirmation and you just have to have your child do the work. 


You can connect with the NHSA on Twitter and Facebook

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  1. All the luck for passing the course successfully! I'm sure Glenn will do it :)