Jesus Today, 365 Devotions for Kids

Introduction: Like Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions for Kids, the devotions in this book are written as if Jesus is speaking right to you. I wrote the devotions this way to help you know that Jesus is with you all the time—the Friend who is always by your side. He knows everything about you, and He loves you more than you can imagine!

I was super excited to share this book with the kids. Tierney and Ben both go to church every week with their gramma and they each have their own bibles but being able to give them something to read that they could understand a little more was what I have been looking for. I have my own copy of Jesus Calling and love the simplicity of it but the meanings it gives to everyday things. 
Jesus Today contains 150 short stories that are easy for all ages to read. 
I am very impressed with this book and am going to purchase a copy for each of the kids. 

I have to say my favorite story is 128: 
When You Feel Weak This world thinks that feeling tired and weak is a bad thing. People spend all kinds of time and money on exercise machines, fitness classes, and vitamins for their bodies. None of those things is wrong, but don’t forget that your greatest source of strength and energy is . . . Me. Feeling weak and tired isn’t a bad thing. It’s simply part of living in this world. Bring your tiredness to Me. I lived as a human in this world for thirty-three years. I understand how it feels. Maybe you’re tired of troubles or tired of trying to do the right thing—and still having it turn out wrong. Maybe you’re weak from too many struggles or from illness or worry. Come to Me and tell Me everything. Spend time with Me. Feel the warmth of My Love. As My Love shines on you, I will bless you. I give strength to those who are tired. I give more power to those who are weak.

I had Tierney read through and her favorite story so far is 5: 
Keep Asking I am with you and within you, doing good things in your life. Even when you’re not aware that I am with you, the Light of My Presence keeps shining brightly on you. And this Light has great Power! So dare to ask great things of Me. I can do much, much more than anything you can ask or think of. Nothing is impossible for Me. Pray boldly, and keep praying in My name. Learn from the widow in the Bible who wouldn’t give up. She went to the judge again and again, asking for what she needed. This judge did not care about God or what people thought about him. But because she kept asking, he finally gave her what she needed. If a selfish judge will do that, how much more will I give to My loved ones who cry to Me night and day! You may have to wait for My answer—a little while or a long while. But don’t quit praying! Keep asking, and you will receive. Keep searching, and you will find.

You can order Jesus Today on Amazon or find it in your local bookstore. 

I did receive this book for review purposes, all opinions and thoughts are my own and honest. This post does contain affiliate links, which means if you click a link and make a purchase I may receive a commission. 

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