Spring Cleaning Is For Your Car Too.

Spring is here, along with a decent amount of pollen...in our area anyways. We just got done going through the house and finishing up our Spring cleaning. But we neglected our car, it needs just as much spring cleaning as the house. We spend alot of time in the Durango and driving around and I like to wander around in a clean car. 

With the help of 303 Automotive Protectant I can clean the inside and it lasts longer than other cleaners we have used.  

• Keeps surfaces looking newer, and lasting longer
• Provides superior UV protection from cracking and fading 
• Leaves a dry, matte finish – no oily or greasy feel
• Helps repel dust, lint and staining 
• Protects all vinyl, rubber & plastics
• Brightens surfaces

For more information on 303 Protectant, visit their website here

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To use just preclean the surface. Apply spray to area or to a cloth. Wipe with a dry cloth. Enjoy the clean! 
After applying the 303 Protectant there was no leftover residue. The spray came out even and easily, no clogging. Was easy to wipe off. Left the wiped area shiny and clean. It does not leave an oily or fake looking cover like other brands so I think that was what I liked the most. I was overall impressed with the simplicity of the spray.   

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I did receive this product for review purposes, all opinions and thoughts are my own and honest. 

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