Sunday Well Spent At Sky Zone

I have never been huge on birthday parties, honestly our family and friends are all busy and working and have families and events of their own so it is so hard to schedule something at a time most are available. Normally we usually let the kids pick something or someplace they want to go and that is what we do. This year however, right before Garretts birthday, I was given the opportunity to review Sky Zone in Fort Lauderdale. On his birthday he woke up to the usual cake and presents with a few surprises left around from the birthday monster. After trying to decide what he wanted to do, he choose to go see The Jungle Book
Since I was given the party package at Sky Zone we planned it for Garrett but due to the driving we kept it just us. 
I called Sky Zone and ended up having to leave a message, they did call me back within 24 hours so I did not have to keep calling and did not have to worry about not having time to plan our roadtrip. Once I was able to speak with someone I told them what we were coming in for, they went over everything on the phone and everything was clear and understood. I was able to choose food and drinks at this time also. I was advised of what could be brought in for a party and what was not allowed. I was also told I would get confirmation via email and could fill out the waivers to jump online, print them out, or fill out once we were at the location. 

All Packages Include:

  • 1 Hour Jump Time
  • 40 Minutes in a private party room
  • Dedicated Sky Zone party host
  • E-vites or invitations and envelopes
  • Sky Zone t-Shirt for the guest of honor
  • Party plates, napkins, cups, and utensils
  • Party room set-up and clean-up
  • One free 1-hour jump pass for a future visit for the guest of honor
  • Pizza and unlimited soft drinks
We left about 8:30am and got to Sky Zone just before Noon, we were told to arrive 30 minutes prior to check in and get everything together. Once inside I was able to check in and all my information was accurate. When we got there it was not too busy so there was no line for events. I gave all the jumpers information and the online waivers were verified. I was able to get socks at check in (they are an additional $2 per pair and ever jumper must wear them). We were given stickers to show jump times, socks, and had a cart to put shoes and presents on.   

While waiting for our jump time we walked around the arcade. There was about 7 or 8 games, Batman and basketball are always the favorites so they kids played a few games, they had time to put their jump socks on and we wandered the jumping areas a little to let them decide what they wanted to start with. 
Every 15 minutes there is an announcement so the different scheduled jumpers are aware that they still have time or their time is done and they need to leave the jump areas. Also if you are having a party they announce when your room is ready. 
12:30 was JUMP TIME! The kids decided to start with the open jump area. There are about 25 individual trampolines on the kids side. They do separate the adults and the kids. There is also a staff member available in all the areas. I love that it was not a full open jump and that the kids were supposed to stay in their own boxes. It still provides alot of fun! 

The kids wanted to have equal time at the 3 jump areas so they did about 20 minutes in each with a few minutes towards the end to switch back and forth. The 3 zones are Open Jump, The Foam Zone, and Sky Slam.


Once the jumping time was over we waited in the main lobby area till they called us to our room. It was less than 15 minutes. Gave the kids time to relax for a few minutes. Once in the room all the food and drinks were there, we did have a dedicated hostess that pretty much did everything. She was super nice and available. If you are having a party or event with a room you can bring decorations and a cake in. We did not do the full party aspect of it, again because of the drive. The party rooms are big, consistent with the size of event rooms at other facilities. 

I have read other reviews on the Fort Lauderdale location and the others and I will say that when we were there the check in process was smooth and simple. There were not shoes all over, there are lockers and cubbys available. The trampolines and surrounding areas were all clean and well maintained. I can definteily see how it could get busy pretty quick but I am assuming the locations have a stop on allowing more people in. If you are planning on doing an open jump I would suggest to call and check the events scheduled for that day. 

If you are interested in Jumping at Sky Zone you can find all the information on open jumping, specials, and events on their website, here
Sky Zone
1834 SW 2nd St
Pompano Beach, FL 33069

I was given a party package in exchange for my review. All opinions and thoughts are my own and honest. 

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