We Finally Have A Movie Theater Near Home!

Now I know this is not huge news for alot but we live in a pretty populated area and not having a theatre close has kept us with waiting for movies to come out to watch them. So while we love a good movie and love a good movie night out, it just was too much of a pain to have to drive in traffic to see movies. We kinda had to pick and choose which ones we wanted to see most and go from there.

Cobb Theatres is finally open near us. It is less than 10 minutes which is great! I don't know why there wasnt one here sooner but we are definitely going to take advantage of it now. 
We went to see The Jungle Book and it was a great movie!
Cobb Theatre is in a great location. Very clean and tons of parking. Staff was friendly, there was a mix up in our tickets so we had to visit their customer service and they were quick to fix the problem and we were on our way. 

Cobb Tyrone has 10 theater cinemas and is in the northwest corner of the Tyrone Square Mall. Huge parting lot! Seats are comfortable and include electric recliners. There is a kitchen and a bar to fill orders from their menu. Items include Monster Nachos, wings, tacos, burgers, pizza, and funnel cakes as well as the traditional popcorn and candy. All this makes for such a great movie expiernce. 

Visit Cobb Theatre Tyone here
Do you have a theatre close to home? 

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