Wedding Month Is Here

Are you a holiday Hallmark movie fan? I am! I always get stuck on the channel while wandering around to find something to watch....that's all it takes and I am hooked! 
This month, JUNE, is wedding month on the Hallmark Channel. Starting June 3rd and running through the 26th. 

June Weddings
Friday, June 3
9/8c: Wedding Bells, A World Premiere Original
Saturday, June 4
11a/10c: I Married Who?
1/12c: So You Said Yes
3/2c: Bridal Wave
5/4c: Wedding Bells
7/6c: Perfect Match
9/8c: Ms. Matched, A World Premiere Original
Sunday, June 5
11a/10c: For Better or For Worse
1/12c: I Do, I Do, I Do
3/2c: Ms. Matched
5/4c: Anything for Love
7/6c: Autumn Dreams
9/8c: Good Witch - New Episode
Saturday, June 11
11a/10c: Backyard Wedding
1/12c: Flower Girl
3/2c: Harvest Moon
5/4c: Hearts of Spring
7/6c: Ms. Matched
9/8c: Stop the Wedding, A World Premiere Original
Sunday, June 12
11a/10c: Ms. Matched
1/12c: A Ring By Spring
3/2c: Stop the Wedding
5/4c: Tulips in Spring
7/6c: Valentine Ever After
9/8c: Good Witch - New Episode
Saturday, June 18
11a/10c: June in January
1/12c: Elevator Girl
3/2c: Love in Paradise
5/4c: Love on the Sidelines
7/6c: Stop the Wedding
9/8c: The Convenient Groom, A World Premiere Original
Sunday, June 19
11a/10c: Stop the Wedding
1/12c: First Daughter
3/2c: The Convenient Groom
5/4c: Date with Love
7/6c: A Country Wedding
9/8c: Good Witch - Season Finale
Saturday, June 25
11a/10c: A Country Wedding
1/12c: Wedding Bells 
3/2c: Ms. Matched 
5/4c: Stop the Wedding
7/6c: The Convenient Groom
9/8c: The Wedding March, A World Premiere Original
Sunday, June 26th
11a/10c: The Convenient Groom
1/12c: Love, Again
3/2c: The Wedding March
5/4c: Dater's Handbook
7/6c: Appetite for Love
9/8c: Perfect Match

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