What Apps Are On Your Phone

Most of us live by our phone. I know I tend to use mine for just about everything....camera, time, calls and text obviously, calendar. It is my everyday go to when we are out and about.
I have pretty basic but functional apps on my phone. 
So I am just wondering what apps everyone has on their phones? 

Instagram is probably the app I use most often on my phone. I have been using it for a while now, longer than most, and I love it! I take a ton of pics anyways so having this app and being able to use it on the go is awesome! 

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Facebook is probably used as often as IG. I post not only on my personal page but to the Aimless Moments page. Using the app makes uploading easier also. And with the new live feature I can take all my friends and followers wherever we go. 

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I don't use the Netflix app often. Usually when I am out I don't watch videos, I am busy doing things. I have the app on there mainly for at home use. I like to put in a good pair of earbuds and binge watch myself to sleep. 

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I recently had to upgrade my account with OneDrive to the 1tb because I just have no more space left anywhere for pictures. I have my phone on auto backup so all my pictures get transferred without me having to remember to do it. 

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I do alot of streaming on Netflix but HBO has some shows I get caught up in, like Togetherness. I can binge watch seasons while blogging and it makes the time go by much quicker. 

I also have Twitter, Pinterst, Snapchat, Gmail, and ePrint from HP. I just like to have access to all my social media accounts and have the ability to use them anywhere. Life of a blogger I guess. 

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