Wonderland Coloring Book

With the new Alice Through the Looking Glass movie coming out I wanted to get the Wonderland, a coloring book inspired by Alice's Adventures. My girls ended up grabbing it pretty much as soon as it was delivered but I was able to sneak it back for a few to get this review done. 
If you jumped down the rabbit hole, who would you meet? Well as you go through the book you find the answers to that. From oversized birds to running rabbits, you will find plenty of adventure and fun here. 
This paperback book has 80 pages. They are thicker paper, not as thick as cardstock but similar. We used colored pencils and the pages were smooth and the pencils were able to color evenly. Some pages are a little more detailed and others not so much, so it nice for younger artists. 
Most of the pages are pictures but a picture can tell a great story! There are a few pages, maybe a handful, that have a drawing prompt so it is a little change of pace which is nice in an 80 page book. 
The outlines are thick and solid, colors did not bleed next to each other or through the papers. 
This is by far a favorite of ours and I am glad I was able to add it to our collection of coloring books! 

You can order your own Wonderland coloring book on Amazon

About the Author: 

AMILY SHEN is a renowned Taiwanese artist. She had worked as a custom and shoe designer and is now a full-time illustrator and art instructor. She has published three bestselling drawing books. WONDERLAND is her first adult coloring book.

I did receive this book for review purposes. All opinions and thoughts are my own and honest. This post does contain affiliate links, which means if you click a link and make a purchase I may receive a commission. 

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