Do You Have A Salt Lamp?

I have seen salt lamps everywhere lately. People posting about how they are helping them sleep better or they fell less anxious so I was excited to give one a try.
The salt lamp itself is just what you would think - a chunk of Himalayan salt that has been hollowed out and a light and base added. You simply figure out where you want to place it, plug it in and thats it. We have 2,  one with a usb plug and the other with a normal wall plug. The one I received from the Himalayan Salt Shop is the larger of the 2 we have and it is a normal wall plug.
The light or I guess salt, gives off a soft glow. Not bright which is great because I leave both of them on all the time. I have the larger one in the dining room area where the desktop computer is. Alot of things are plugged in that area and from what I have read it is good to place salt lamps near electronics if possible. The smaller one is in the boys room. My middle son has bad sleeping habits and occasional allergies.
I did notice that the one in the boys room did help with the allergies and sinus issues my son has. He did not seem as congested and was not sniffling around as much. I plan on leaving it in there, possibly getting a larger one for them and moving the smaller one into the girls room.

Do you have a salt lamp? 

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