Leinonen Family // Orlando Shooting *UPDATED*

Most of you are aware of the Orlando shooting and I am sure most of you have seen the original video of the mom trying to locate her son. I have been following the victim list since it went up and have been looking for information on her and her son since the video organically aired yesterday morning. Up until about 4am there was nothing new that I could find. I could not even begin to imagine not knowing where one of my kids is. 

Christine Leinonen

Then today I looked up her info and found a video from this morning that she was still waiting for information on him. This is insane to me! This poor woman still has no info.I have been watching the victim list and this woman since yesterday morning. I understand HIPPA and the reason for it but if in fact all in the hospital have been accounted for and matched with their families then they, the hospital, should at least have the ability and authority to contact families waiting and inform them of that. If for some reason they still have people waiting to be id'd in the hospital they need to inform families of that also. They would not need to give personal information, just whether or not all victims in the hospital have been matched and found. This is unfair to families!

UPDATED Christoper Leinonen has been identified and is now been added to the victim list.

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