Teen Shooting in South St Pete

My oldest and myself ran out to the store earlier tonight and there were a bunch of cops on the corner on the way. Not our corner, but 1 block to the north and 1 block to the east. When we got home I checked a few sites to see what was going on. Originally it came out as just a homicide...well not just a homicide but there were not many details at that point. It was still a fairly new incident. 

I lived in St Pete about 17 years ago, but in more north areas and left till about 2 years ago. Our current landlord was our neighbor from our previous house. He bought the house we are in and it has an in law house in the back so there is tons of space, something we really need. So we moved. I knew it was not the best area but it certainly is not the worst. Those are about 30(ish) blocks to the east, I would not be willing to even look at a house on some of those streets I am aware of. (I used to drive for Yellow Cab and would pick up and drop people off all over the city so I kinda know what goes on where.) However it is rough around here. [[knock on wood]] We have not had to deal with anything personally. My youngest sons bike disappeared one night but I probably should have checked to make sure it wasn't left out. 
As the night has gone one the news went on about this homicide, they are looking for whoever did it. I did find it, I don't know, a little crazy to think we live less than 2 blocks from all of this and we had no idea who or what they were looking for. Shouldn't people be made aware that someone potentially with a gun is wandering the streets? Maybe lack of manpower. Maybe they knew who they were looking for and it was just taking medias a little longer to catch up. Whatever the reason, it was not too settling to not know what was going on. 

A little later on it came out that this homicide involved a child. So then I was wondering if my older 2 had run into this kid at all. Did they go to school with him. He was only 15, which is how old my oldest is and my middle will be in a few months. 15..... we don't know if it was an accident at this point, if it was intentionally and he was targeted or if it was completely random. I do know that it could very well be one of my kids out there on the street, especially if this was something random. 

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