Faith, Hope, Love, and a Whisk: Breakfast with the Savior

Faith, Hope, Love, and a Whisk: Breakfast with the Savior is a new cookbook that combines mouth-watering recipes with delicious devotionals to help readers start each day feeling nourished in mind, body and spirit. Lemon blueberry bread pudding, peanut butter French toast sandwiches and pineapple brunch punch are among some of the scrumptious recipes offered in the pages of Faith, Hope, Love, and a Whisk: Breakfast With the Savior 
In John 21:12, Jesus said to His disciples to “Come and eat breakfast,” and this cookbook 
devotional invites you to do the same, literally and figuratively. “The devotionals I have 
written are for women who want to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus and live their 
life for Him,” explains author Tori Winkelman, who earned a degree in Biblical Studies 
from Azusa Pacific University. “Everything we do, we do for the Lord—even cooking!” 
Tori hopes readers will open up Faith, Hope, Love, and a Whisk to find a breakfast recipe, 
reading a devotional and spending time in prayer as they prepare their meal. The book’s 
devotionals cover a variety of topics, offering guidelines for prayer, tips for toxic relationships and wisdom for finding contentedness in a materialistic world. 
Every recipe in the book is accompanied by beautiful full-color photography. Tori’s family 
members even make appearances throughout the book. Many of the dishes featured in the 
book are not only recipes, but family traditions. From waking up on Christmas morning 
to the scent of caramelized pecan French toast to preparing her unique take on pigs in 
a blanket for her husband, Tori invites readers into her kitchen and her life by sharing 
personal reflections. 

Reviews from others: 
“It is very rare in today s cultural climate to see and know a woman who wants to serve other women with faith, food, and devotion to our Lord with style . . . Tori will guide you into creating for your family and friends what it is like to love your God through each recipe and devotional thought. This beautiful book is truly a breakfast with the Savior.” 

---Emilie Barnes, speaker, author of More Hours in My Day
“This book is a beautiful reminder that we not only need to nourish our bodies, but our souls as well. It s filled with Tori’s delicious recipes and God’s everlasting word, both so filling in their own right.” 

---Holly Durst, reality star, author of Chocolate Socks

About the Author: Tori Winkelman lives in Upland, CA with her husband Aaron and 
their dog Buffy. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies from Azusa 
Pacific University. Faith, Hope, Love, and a Whisk: Breakfast with the Savior combines her two passions in life: God’s Word and cooking. 
You can connect with Tori on her website, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter
To connect with the author or receive a review copy of Faith, Hope, Love, and a Whisk mail 
publicist Alison Storm at 

(Ambassador International; October 
2014; $29.99). 

This is a sponsored post however all opinions and thoughts are my own and honest. 

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