First Cross Country Meet Of The Season // Little Pirate Invitational

Ben had his first official cross country meet yesterday. It was awesome. Not a huge event but it was his first event and he did pretty good. His team/school, overall, came in 2nd out of the 6 schools that were there so they were all pretty excited. 
It was a 3 mile run, with a total of 2 laps. His leg has been hurting him, he has shin splints so he was a little anxious about how well he was going to do. His time was 25:39 which is a couple minutes better than the 5k on the beach last week. He is making improvements and once he ices his leg like he should be and that clears up he will be able to get his numbers a little lower. 
The next event will be this coming Tuesday and there are 16 schools scheduled for that meet. I am so happy he has found something he likes and is, so far, sticking with. I hope he keeps it up and does really well with whatever goals he sets for himself. 

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