Happy Sunday // quick update

Happy Sunday everyone. I have had some posts pre-written and scheduled for a while now but have not actually posted anything in a little while. I have had an issue with my eye, for about 2 weeks it was super blurry and the light affected it and made it even worse, I just could not seem to focus on anything so I kinda took a break for that. It is still there, whatever it is, so I think I might have to just give in and go have it checked out. I have gotten so behind in just about everything so I am hoping to get back to where I was and get caught up with all my reviews and blogging stuff, as well as stuff around here.

Anyways! Do you know how many more days till fall? 31!!! I CAN NOT wait, although I do hope the weather decides to cool down a bit once the seasons change. It's doubtful but I can hope. I have already given in to buying fall stuff, picked up a few new pumpkins to add to our collection from Michaels Crafts Store and Dollar Tree has white (paint your own) ceramic skulls and pumpkins I grabbed. I am trying to wait till the first actual day of fall to go through the stuff we have packed up but not sure I will make it that long. 
Anways off to get some stuff caught up. Hope everyone has a great weekend. 

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