Oh Brock Turner...

I originally was not going to post anything or get into the Brock Turner talk but I just was reminded that he is, or has been, released today and figured I might as well throw some thoughts out here. 

First, I am a mom of boys, 3 of them, and while I hope they never rape anyone and no really bad deeds ever come from them, the reality is that you just really dont know. I cant say that Brock Turners father was aware his son was capable of rape and no one can really claim that. Who expects their son to grow up and rape someone? So as a parent I get that, you cant really control everything your son is going to do. Especially if you mix in alcohol and parties, drugs, and peer pressure. Not that all of these were a factor in his case. Kids are taught right from wrong and then they go out into the world and make their own decisions. Brock Turner did just that. He chose to rape. Whether it was "20 minutes" or 20 seconds, it was his decision. 
As a parent of boys I would be disappointed, hurt, angered my son could do something like that. I would also feel the need to protect him, just as I am assuming Brocks father did when he wrote that letter to the judge. Most parents do what to protect their children, even if they do something wrong. I think the wording in some of that letter was off but nothing can change it, its out there and his father has been a target of much negativity, brought on by himself, but negativity nonetheless. 
While I would not want my son to be in jail I would not want him to not be punished for rape. I would not want him to think or feel that it was ok, mom would take care of it. It was not me or my actions but his. He should be held responsible. If that meant months in jail or years then that is what it would be. 
My letter to the judge would have been more of a "I understand his wrong doing and although I want to protect him and support him I can not allow him to go unpunished. Whatever sentence you think is fair is what I will support him with." It is one thing to support your children and protect them but not to allow them to go through life unpunished. This kid, Brock Turner, his life is out there for the public to access. Where is he going to go that no one is going to know who is is and then add to it the fact that so many are upset with his lack of jail time. 

"As a parent, it's important to teach your children the difference between right and wrong," said Muhammad, a father of four children. "It's also important to teach your children accountability. What Brock Allen did on that night was wrong. ..." (source

This whole case was enough for the judge to have his life altered drastically, why not Brock Turners? Why should the judge be held accountable for his actions or lack of but this child not have to have a little more accountability? If this were my son and for whatever reason he only had 6 months on something that should have been years, and in addition were being released early, I would tell him to go back. Honestly, ask for more time. His family has to be fully aware that he deserved more time, the public is aware that he should have gotten more time. His life is damaged either way so he should rally make it count. Go back Brock. 

What would you do if this were your son? 

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