Harvest Holler Corn Maze

We spent last Sunday at Harvest Holler Corn Maze. The kids love a good day outdoors and this gave us plenty of outdoor time. From the huge tree near the front to the hayride right before we left, we had a full day of adventures and fun. The pictures pretty much speak for themselves. When we got there we were able to make it through the corn maze, had fun on tire swings, and spent some time with the cows and horses on and off the hayride. 

Harvest Holler has a pumpkin patch, the Watering Hole, and MawMaw's Country Store. The pumpkin patch offered 3 sizes and had a good selection when we got out there. The food from The Watering Hole smelled delicious even though we passed on eating out there. It was rainy halfway through our visit and we wanted to make sure we had a chance to make our way around the whole farm. MawMaw's Country Store is a great place to find local farm goodies like jams, handmade purses, cobblers, and honey. 
The staff was very friendly and interactive. They were all available whenever we needed something, which wasn't often but they were available. Admission includes corn maze, tire swings, corn hole, hay fort, corn cribs, old climb on farm equipment, and hayrides.
We really had an all around great time! 

Thanks to Harvest Holler and US Family Guide for sponsoring our fun for the day. 






Harvest Holler Corn Maze 
950 Tavares Road. 
Polk CIty, FL 33686 

Hours for this years Corn Maze: 
Friday 4pm - 8pm
Saturday Noon - 8pm
Sunday Noon - 5pm 
Monday through Thursday are available by reservation only. 

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