K'NEX Wild Whiplash Review

K'Nex Wild Whiplash Review 

My oldest daughter (13) loves Legos so she was the one that built the Wild Whiplash Coaster together.  We do have 2 other K'Nex sets but she has not put either of them together, her older brothers had those.
Anyways, on to the review from a new builder.
She started around 11am last week and it took her just about 5 hours. She did take a break for lunch and did some reading and other misc stuff but overall I would suggest to leave a pretty open and flexible time frame.
She started out laying the pieces out and just went step by step with the instructions. Everything was fairly easy to follow along with. I think the only thing she had a little issue with was the the car not making it fully back to the start of the chain so it wasn't able to always go back up the track unassisted. We ended up just placing the bottom, right corner up on a popsicle stick and taping the bottom left corner on the table and it worked fine. So with that kids can add a whole environment to their coaster areas if they have this set along with other coasters. I could definitely see where there could be a whole theme park.
Does require 2 AA batteries to allow the chain to pull the car back up the track but that is the only added thing you will need for hours and hours of fun and imagination!


You can buy the set at Walmart or Amazon

I was given the opportunity to review the K'Nex Wild Whiplash Coaster in exchange for my review. All opinions and thoughts are my own and honest. This post does contain affiliate links, which means if you click a link and make a purchase I may receive a commission. 

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