Lights Out // book review

There have been times when the power goes out, normally it is back on within minutes but there have been times we have gone overnight without. Imagine going longer? Having no access to the internet? No access to news or what is going on around you. No access to your bank accounts, social media, or ability to make a call. Then not knowing when you will have access again. When will the lights come back on? 
Imagine the insanity! The worldwide chaos. 
This book, Lights Out, goes into what might happen if the lights were to go out. The author has the opportunity to interview some of the most important and knowledgeable people in this area - senior staff - cabinet secretaries - heads of agencies. 
Knowing that a possible grid fail is possible and knowing that we can all become victims of a cyberacttck is a little scary. It could happen at anytime, and without any warning. 
This book goes into what might happen. How to deal with a huge power outage and what you might want to do to prepare. It also goes into who handles what aspect of the power grids and security measures,as well as the lack in the systems. 

Overall this book was very eye opening. I know we go about our days not thinking too much into the possibility of having no hot water, no way to cook normally, and sitting in the dark, let alone for a long period of time. I think, if nothing else, this book is a must read to just make yourself aware. 

I was given this book for review purposes. All opinions and thoughts are my own and honest. 

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