Why Is This Ok?

Anyone that has followed any part of the election and/or Inauguration has heard or read things online about the newly elect President Trump and his family. And I get, not everyone agrees with the outcome. While that may be the case that should not be taken out on any other family member, including Trumps children. Whatever dislike you have towards Trump should be directed at him. Same with his adult children, but not underage kids. There are so many other things people could be doing with their time and their 140 characters.
I saw the name trending on Twitter but did not put too much thought about it, went about my day and now have a little extra time to go back and see what everyone on cyberspace was up to.
This is what I found.....THIS:

I tend to teach my kids to not blame children for their parents actions, usually its in a more laughable way because sometimes parents do things or say things our kids are embarrassed about. Why aren't these adults, parents or not, taught to treat children like children, not their parents? How is it fair to talk to, or about I guess, a 10 year old like that?

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