Alright, It's Ok

It's okay that I am using this as a filler post :) Today I have so much going on with the kids homeschool evaluations and putting Valentines Day decorations away that I dont have time to spend online blogging. And that is okay!

Its okay that it's almost 10 am and I am letting the kids sleep in so I can get a few extra things done.

Its okay that we are taking a much need day trip to the springs next week. The boys have done really good this semester and have only missed 2 days so we can spare a day to go roam around Florida.

Its okay that we have spent too much time waiting, and watching, for April to have her baby, unlike Airing My Laundry.

Its okay that I am finally about to finish up last nights dinner dishes.

Its okay that I have not painted the bathroom door yet. That is on todays to do list also.

So what are you okay with this week? Feel free to share here or post on your own blog and link back up on Airing My Laundry.

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  1. There is nothing wrong with a good post filler!

    There is also nothing wrong with letting your kids sleep in while you get stuff done!

  2. Enjoy your time at the springs!! Sounds fun.

    Haha, has the giraffe had the baby yet?


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