Tissue Paper Heart // Valentines Day Crafts

I remember doing tissue paper crafts in elementary school. We would use our pencils as paper holders, dip them in glue, and stick the papers to our hearts. So long ago!
I love that this is a simple craft anyone can do and that I can share things I did growing up with my kids.

So here we go, what you need and how to.
What you need:
-tissue paper in any color really but if you want traditional Valentines Day you can grab reds, pinks, and white.
-glue, Elmers white works the best.
-heart shaped cardstock or foam board. You can also cut out from an old piece of cardboard, cereal boxes work well.
-a pencil or straw for holding the paper

How to:
-Cut the paper into 1 inch strips. If you want a puffier heart them you can do 2 or 3 inches. You can cut them into different inches and give it a multi level look.
-Draw out the heart shape you want on your cardboard or paper. You can cut it out or leave it on and just put the tissue inside, or outside the heart and leave the other plain.
-Pour some glue into a small bowl.
-Take a piece of cut tissue paper and put your pencil, eraser end, into the middle. Grab the sides of the paper and hold them against the pencil. Dip end into glue and place on the heart. You need to hold the paper/pencil for about 3/5 seconds to make sure it stays.
-Lift pencil and repeat.

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