Cars 3 // coming soon

Cars 3, coming June 26, 2017. 

"From this moment, everything will change!"
 From some comments I have read online, parents are a little discouraged, or shy'd away, from the new Cars 3 movie. We have watched the first 2 and really don't think there is too much of a reason why we wouldn't see the 3rd. It is a Disney movie and most of them can turn a negative around. 
Who else can possible take a car crash and turn it into a huge triumph, if not Disney?
-The above is not a spoiler, just an assumption so please leave it at that.-

Which of the 3 below is your favorite? I am a fan of Lightening but I personally would drive the blue, Jackson Storm. From what I have read online, the detail in the movie is going to be amazing.

Are you planning on seeing Cars 3? 

Cars 3


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