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Being a mom to homeschoolers leaves me with trying to find ways to keep everyday things a little more interesting, Things like learning, writing, and reading are on that list. Since they dont go into a school everyday they dont get to see a different environment so I am always up for adding in something.
A few days ago I was trying to find a few books to add to their Kindle collections. They have alot of physical books at home and their online books are ever growing. I found the Epic!. It is a reading app with access to about 15,000+ books.
You can sign up in a matter of minutes and you can have up to 4 profiles. Each child gets their own profile and you can customize by age and interest. Most recent additions are usually on a scrolling feed located on the front page, along with popular, and all time favorites from the apps recommendations. To find something to read your child can browse, search, and filter through with ease. My youngest daughter is 7 and has no issue finding something to read.
This virtual library allows kids to read at their own pace and keep track. From chapter books and read to me picture books, as well as the read to me feature on some, there is something for just about everyone.
The parent profile has the ability to check the time spent reading, progress, books read, and allow suggestions to be shared.




Epic! is a subscription based ebook, reading service available via app and website. Currently the 1st month is free and is only $4.99 per month.  Epic! is geared towards kids ages 2 to 12 but my oldest daughter is 13 and uses it for researching things for school.
Many of the books available are from known authors and with known characters -Elmo, Berenstein Bears, and Nat Geo Kids. Some we have found on the site we have the actual book for at home.
This really is an overall great resource for any family, or child, that likes to or even needs to read.

Do your family use a reading app? 


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