March Already

3rd month of the year is already here. Time has seemingly flown by already.

Today we are packing up all the reds and pinks from Valentines Day and putting up the greens and golds for St Patrick's Day. I need to run out to Micheal's and Party City to pick up a few new things to add this year. We also have a few crafts planned throughout the month.

Today is also Ash Wednesday. Hopefully I will have a post up soon on that.
Anyone else still trying to decide what to give up for Lent? 

The (older) boys have been doing really well in school ((knock on wood)) so I am going to plan a day off and we are going to head out to the springs for a day. Not sure which one yet but are hoping to get there before Spring Break so its not busy. We have not been to the springs in, I guess, 2 years now and there are a few really good ones in Florida.

Tomorrow we are celebrating Dr Suess's birthday by reading a few of our favorites. We are also going to drop a few in the Little Free Library on Gulfport Beach so others can share in the festivities.

Goals for March: 
-File taxes. I usually do this in early February but with the IRS holding returns and realizing that there are a ton of others that file during those first 2 weeks I wanted to wait. Some years the IRS has had issues with returns so I am in no real hurry to get them done.
-Finish up painting. I don't have too much to do but I do want to do some touch up painting. Mainly baseboards and doors. I want to paint the boys bathroom but that seems like a huge task right now so we shall see.
-Clean out the laundry room. So much laundry! I usually dont get too behind with laundry. The older 3 each have their cleaning day and they do their laundry, pick up rooms, etc. We do have a ton of clothes and shoes that we dont wear. I really want to finish going through all of it and donate it.
-Plan the places we need to visit to finish up some open and pending reviews I have. I think we have Key West, TreeUmph, and the Tallahassee Museum are first to plan.

So, do you have any plans for March?


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