Mermaid Scrapbook Kit // review

I was at Michaels Crafts this morning and got Tierney a planner, I forgot to grab something for Emmaleigh so I was glad when the Mermaid Scrapbook Kit was delivered this afternoon. Each of the girls had something to do and it was all fair again. 
Anyways, SmitCo sent out the Mermaid Scrapbook Kit to review and Em was quick to get started. She loved the feather pen and the fact that she could lock her book. She was able to figure out the code and how to use it pretty quickly. The book comes with a preset code and it is on a small tag on the book. It is a 4 digit code and you just push the correct hearts on the side of the book then push the middle button -the flower, which opens the book. 
She got started writing as soon as it was open. She started out with her name and then on to write about our last trip to Disney. 

The set comes with: 
60 page scented, secret book with passcode. 
1 3d sheet of themed stickers.
2 sheets of scented stickers. 
1 feather pen
1 pencil pouch
1 small roll of craft tape 
24 pieces of self adhesive jewels. 

The book itself is a hard cover. Has pink paper with a chevron design and stripes. The scented stickers were a great added feature. Em loved that they were smelly and the 3d ones were very cute. The binding is secure and the papers are normal weight. The pen is pink but the ink is blue. Pencil pouch was clear with polka dots, plastic vinyl material with a slider closure.  

To order the Mermaid Scrapbook Kit, just head on over here. And you can find all of the SmitCo products here

This is a sponsored post, all opinions and thoughts are my own and honest. 


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