Set Sail on BlueFoot Pirate Adventures in Fort Lauderdale Review

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Ahoy mateys! We are going to share a little boat adventure we were recently on -Blue Foot Pirateship. 
Before leaving you can dress in pirate garb or once you are there they offer a pirate pack for $7.95 (each) which includes an eye patch, sword, and a banana. Upon check in you can grab the pirate pack. 
Our captain, Captain Black Sparrow who claims to be related to none other than Captain Jack Sparrow, started us on our journey. Face painting was next. My kids love to get their faces painted! Something so simple brings so much fun and imagination. 
The Captain then goes over the rules and teaches the basics of being a pirate all with a little extra pirate flair. The overall favorite of the adventure comes next! It was time to battle the famous Barnacle Bill with real water cannons! 
There were some surprises and unexpected events that took place once we got the the X on the map. I dont really want to spoil it so I wont say but do expect to potentially get wet by the cannons, and possibly become a hostage traded for the key to get into the treasure chest. 

The recommended age for the ship experience is 2 to 10 which, after being there is about accurate. I think anyone under 2 just would not get to really experience a day as a pirate. My oldest daughter came along for the adventures, she usually does, and she is 13 but still had a good time. I would say if you are taking older kids try to have a few so they can hang out and pirate together. 

If you are ready to book your day at sea contact BlueFoot Pirate Adventures at 954-530-8302 
or you can visit them on their site Bluefoot Pirates
Located at 801 Seabreeze blvd, Dock Slip I909 
Fort Lauderdale, FL 

This post is sponsored by USFamily Guide and Bluefoot Pirate Adventures. 
All thoughts and opinions are honest and our own. 


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