Spring Cleaning Tips And Savings With Cartwheel

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Lysol®, Finish®, Woolite®, and AirWick®. The opinions and text are all mine. 

Oh my, this year has seemingly flown by already. We were just packing up Christmas stuff and now, here it is, SPRING! With Spring seems to come more sniffles and sneezes from allergies. I see sick posts all over social media and alot of our family and friends have been sick lately -all the more reason to get in a good scrub down.
Being a stay at home mom to 5 means I do alot of cleaning, alot of wiping down the same surfaces over and over, and of course, alot of laundry. Spring cleaning and staying on top of things is made a little easier using Lysol, Woolite, and Finish cleaning products then ending with the scents from AirWick through out the house.
I am going to share a few tips on getting started, staying motivated, and a few good deals floating around on the Target Cartwheel app....because everyone needs another reason to shop Target. 
So how do you get started and take advantage of these deals?
With the Target Cartwheel App. If you don't have it yet simply go find it in the Google Play Store or iTunes, install, and sign up/in. Then you can choose from all the great Target deals. Once you find what you are looking for you click it and add it to My List. You can print out your list or use the app in stores at checkout - just open the app and the barcode associated with the products you are buying. It really is very simple. 

So are we ready to go shopping? 
A good way for me to get motivated to clean is to wander the cleaning aisles, finding the most productive products that will allow me and my family to tackle the mess, this week and for weeks ahead. I was able to find everything I needed - from Finish for the dishes to Woolite for the laundry and Lysol wipes for everyday cleaning and up keep. And I love a good smelling product, AirWick offers a great selection for everyone. I grabbed a set of the new AirWick Fresh Waters Oil refills. 

Cartwheel Coupon Offer // Available 4/2-4/29
Woolite - Buy any 2 Woolite 100oz, get $5 Target Gift Card (available till 04/08)
Finish - Buy any 2 Finish Premium L & XL (MiO & Quantum) & 16oz RA Additive, get $4 Target Gift Card (available till 04/08)
Lysol -Buy any 3 Lysol items, get 1 Free (available 04/09-04/29)
AirWick -Buy 3 5 count Scented Oils and get a Free gadget (available 04/09-04/15)

Check out all the other great deals here.

Now that we made it home and are stocked up on all the goodies it is time to get started. I want to share a few places that are normally neglected or forgotten about that could use a little cleaning. Like the mattresses and other large soft surfaces. Disinfect with the fine mist spray of Lysol Disinfectant Max to help kill germs. Be sure to sanitize couches, pet beds, and window treatments as well.  

Air vents are also an easily overlooked area. Take a few minutes and dust around the outside of all the vents. Take a Lysol Disinfecting Wipe and wipe the vents down. Those of you with allergies will appreciate a good clean vent. 

And finally, before I actually go finish up some of this weeks cleaning, a few tips.

-Take it room by room. Don't let yourself feel overwhelmed. Choose products that help you clean and revitalize your home, room by room.  

-Decide how you want to tackle each thing. Some like to challenge themselves by doing 40 bags in 40 days, others make a checklist so everything is taken care of, and some just go kinda go with the flow of it starting in one room and making their way around. 

-Clean and disinfect all in one with Lysol brand products. Save a little extra time by using multi purpose cleaners. Keep Lysol Wipes on hand and in each room to make things easier to clean on a day to day. 
-Let the kids help out. Let them go through each room and collect their stuff. Let them help decide what to keep and what to get rid of. Maybe let them pick out something to add to their room once they are done -new posters, desk, shelves, new bedding, etc. 

Have you started Spring Cleaning yet? What are your go to tips? 

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A little bit about these products we use around here:
// Lysol // 
Lysol kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria* *when used as directed.
Choose Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner for 10x more Cleaning Power* * removes the toughest stains in seconds.
Lysol Kitchen Pro Antibacterial Cleaner kills 99.9% of harmful kitchen bacteria without the harsh chemicals residue other cleaners leave behind.
// Woolite //
Woolite Darks with Color Renew smooths fibers, removes pilling and revives colors so dark colors stay vivid and bold for longer. 
Keeps dark clothes looking new even after 30 washes. 
// Finish //
For spotless glassware, use a Rinse Aid. 
For drier dishes, use a Drying Aid.
For tough stain removal, use a Detergent Booster.
For cleaning the dishwasher, use a Machine Cleaner. 
// AirWick //
AirWick® Life Scents™ Room Mist works for any room size, up to 124 sq feet. 
Instant spray with constantly changing fragrances. 
Fast acting and odor eliminating. 
8x more fragrance control. 


  1. I love Spring Cleaning because it allows me to get the house freshened up and get rid of all the yuck that has accumulated over the winter! I just stocked up at Target the other day and they do have some great deals on cleaning essentials!

  2. We do not go without having Lysol in our home! I swear by it! I want to try that Woolite as well! Finish we have used for a long time. All great products!

  3. Some many wonderful tips. I need to get my butt moving and start cleaning. One day at a time I guess!

  4. Spring cleaning is very important for us. When spring comes, we get in the mood of cleaning the home. I loved couple of your tips as they make sense.

  5. I have started spring cleaning. My tip would be work on one room at a time and don't move onto the next without finishing.

  6. I've never tried this app before but I've heard so much about it. I think it's amazing and it's definitely perfect for helping people save more money on grocery.

  7. Lysol is a great product i always have this in my home. Thanks for the amazing tips

  8. I haven't started with Spring Cleaning, but Lysol is an essential in our home! I love Target Cartwheel and I should start using it more often.

  9. Target is my go-to when it comes to cleaning supplies. They have really good deals.

  10. Very good tips! Thank you very much.. I will start soon...

  11. I love these products. I use Lysol all the time, especially the wipes. The Finish tabs are another staple in our home! Thanks for the savings tip.

  12. I just started spring cleaning and thanks for the tips. Never thought about using Cartwheel before

  13. We also use Lysol in cleaning. It's a trusted brand, thanks for the tips ang savings :)

  14. We are getting ready to do our spring cleaning! With Target's Cartwheel app, I love being able to save money doing chores:)


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