Cedar Key - Here We Come

We are up in North Florida this weekend. Planned an almost full day out at Cedar Key. 
It is about 2 1/2 hours from us and we were up there to meet up with family. It was a central location and none of us had ever been there. 
When we were looking up water in that general area I did not realize that not all Florida beaches are not beachy beaches. Not that that will make any sense to most of you. But by beachy beaches I mean waves and active waters. I was under the assumption that all beaches were similar to St Pete Beach or Treasure Island and none were like Gulfport. 
There are covered picnic areas with wooden tables, grills, and water access. They are in a mostly grassy area. The area was clean and well maintained. There were a few benches out closer to the sand and water. Closer to the road is a covered, more formal picnic area with lights and metal tables. 
I think my favorite aspect was the roped off area of the water to keep the kids from not going out too far. The water was not as clear so the kids werent able to use their googles and masks very much. There were a few creatures found - hermit crabs and some small snails. 
There was also a playground with swings, slides, and various monkey bars. 
I was hoping we would have gotten a better view of the sunset but it seemed to be on the other side so this is not a good sunset watching location. There are plenty of other areas that are better views but this is a great spot to relax and can easily spend a full day here. 
We did not walk around the area but there are places to eat right off the beach areas and a few b&b's and places to stay. 

Cedar Key is located off State Road 24 near 1st and C street. 
Cedar Key, FL 32625


  1. What a beautiful beach to spend a short getaway. I wish that I could also drive two hours or so to get to this beach.

  2. What a beautiful place! lovely pictures and I would love to be there right now:)


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