Lollapalooza 92 // Chris Cornell

I am sure most of you have heard Chris Cornell has died. It was all over Facebook this morning.
I was not going to write anything on the subject, cause well, I have no real personal connection to him. But I did see him at Lollapalooza 92 along with all the other greats that were there that year - Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ice Cube, Soundgarden, Temple Of The Dog, and a day full of others.
I don't remember every detail, its been a while. I do remember that it was my first concert.
My older cousin asked to take me and a few other kids in the family. I took a friend of mine that lived across the street also. The reason that is significant is because we stayed the night at my cousins house and the next morning there was a ton of commotion because of the impeding Hurricane Andrew. We were supposed to take the Tri Rail home that following day but got stuck on a Greyhound. It was a mess.
Anyways, back to the concert. We were all dressed in our 90s grunge. Flannel and Docs for the most part. Ready to encompass all aspects of Lollapalooza. Music and chaos in all directions.
Booths with books, cds, posters, shirts, and temporary tattoos. Kids from Rock The Vote and the Coalition for Homeless were out there taking advantage of the crowd. There was something for everyone. It was a whole days worth of entertainment, and memories. 

Sadly with the passing of Chris it reminds me a few of the others I went with are gone as well.  My friend from across the street was killed about 3/4 years after and my cousin overdosed in 2015. The memories of the experiences we have often get lost in the memories of our day to day and it takes one thing to bring back parts of our past. 

Shirt source

Lollapalooza II was held on August 22 at Bicentennial Park in Miami 


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