Keeping Your Baby Dry With Pampers Baby Dry

Being a mom to 5 + 5 bonus kids means I have changed alot of diapers! Going through different brands over the years I have found that Pampers has always been a trustworthy brand. All the diapers they offer are secure and have a great fit around legs and waists. The tabs are very durable and great for all stages from newborns to the wiggles of toddlers.
As far as the Pampers Baby Dry, I was impressed by the ability to use -mainly overnight- without waking up to a wet crib or bed. No wetness means more sleep!  The fit was snug and there was no rubbing or chaffing of anykind. We were able to use them with the same level of confidence we use with other Pampers products. 


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I was given a package of Pampers Baby Dry for review purposes. All opinions and thoughts are my own and honest. 


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