Thank You To The Grandparents

When my mom passed away I had just, within days, had my 2nd son. At the time I did not realize how much her not being around to see my kids grow up would affect me until they were a little older. She has missed all of it but I do hope she is keeping tabs on them from wherever she is. I understand there are plenty of other families with dynamics similar to mine and I know there are other moms out there that do not have their own mothers around for one reason or another. But this post is more a thank you to the grandparents that have stepped in and taken the role and made it a great experience for my kids. 

My ex husband has been remarried twice now which means that there are new additions to our family tree, our extended family tree, on an ongoing -and ever changing, basis. Adding in family members to a pre-made family is not always easy but thankfully we have gotten to add in a few really good ones. 

Thank you for doing a great job in the role of grandma (and/or grandpa). 
Thank you for your input and opinions but for not pushing them upon us as parents. 
Thank you for adding in all of the kids and their extended siblings so everyone felt a little equal. 
Thank you from the sidelines of the football field and from the bleachers of the track team. 
Thank you for being encouraging and helpful. 
Thank you for sharing and teaching.
From the beach days and roller coasters at the zoo to Confirmations and sleepovers, Thank You! 


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