Oversized Halloween Coloring Page

I am looking for some new Halloween DIYs this year and found this tutorial on a Halloween Printable Tablecloth. I already have a few tablecloths so I wanted to turn this into an oversized coloring page for the kids. Em LOVES to color! 
So here we go. A quick how to on an oversized coloring page. 

Start here, and download the file. 

Go to Staples and choose the B & W option. I go with the 18' x 24" more than anything else. 
Click Add File - Upload - halloweentablecloth - upload 
Wait a few seconds for the photo to upload - done and from here you can either add more to have printed or finalize your order. It really is that simple!

You can opt to have your print shipped or pick up in store. There are 2 or 3 stores within about 5 minutes so we just run up and grab them.

Do your kids love to color and create things? 

Photo is currently from The Crafting Chicks but will upload ours within the next few days. 

You can the original tutorial on The Crafting Chicks
Order your engineer print at Staples


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