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We recently had the opportunity to share one of my kids favorite snacks - Baby Mum-Mum's. Yes, my kids are over the teething age so I was able to give these out to friends and family that just had babies and they were a huge success. 

Being a mom to 5 I have had alot of products come and go, and I like to share the ones we use and we trust with people we know. Things that my kids used and loved, things that kinda stuck with us through the years. 
So what did the parents have to say?
"My daughter loved these! Great snack and little mess." 
"Healthy options are the best for my family!"
"Wasn't sure the baby would like them but looks like he did."
"Better alternative to those teething cookies, those make such a mess and get everything slimy."

The favorites were Banana and Apple & Pumpkin with Blueberry & Goji in a close second. 

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My oldest son gave the banana flavored a try and ended up keeping most of the box. So these are good for all ages, not just teething babies. They are a quick grab and they are much healthier than a small bag of chips or grabbing a few cookies and running out the door. They are small enough to throw in a bag, or in the car, and take along. They are lightweight and packages are easy to open. 


About Baby Mum-Mum:
Baby Mum-Mum Rice Rusks are teething biscuits that dissolve easily in your child’s mouth, with no mess. 
With a light texture and great taste, these oven-baked treats are perfect for teething and make a great option for baby’s first solid food. 
Made with premium Japonica rice and other simple, all natural ingredients, Baby Mum-Mums are non-GMO, allergen-free (peanut, tree nut, wheat/gluten, egg, soy, sulfites, and mustard-free) and do not contain artificial additives or preservatives.
Depending on your child’s progress, you may give Baby Mum-Mums Rice Rusks to your child as soon as he or she is ready for solid food. *Always supervise your child during feeding. 
Available in conveniently wrapped two-packs, Mum-mums retail for $2.99 to $3.49, depending on the retailer. 

This post was sponsored by Moms Meet and Baby Mum-Mums. 

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